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Kitap yazmak

Call for book chapter
January 2022


Chapter submission day: January 1, 2022

Book publication date: February 1, 2022

​ ​


16 international books (with special ISBN) will be published in February 1, 2021.

Chapter Topics/Disciplines we accept

1- All crypto-currency themed studies

2- All violence themed studies

3- All studies in the field of medical and health sciences

4- All studies in the field of Management and Organization

5- Distance Education and all studies with the theme of education

6- All OECD-themed studies

7- All marketing-themed studies

8- All studies on e-commerce and commerce

9-  Pandemic and Covid-19 themed studies

10- All  Artificial Intelligence themed studies

11- Women themed  studies

12- Children-themed studies

13- All studies in the field of General Physics

14- All studies in the field of General Chemistry

15- All studies in the field of General Biology

16- All studies with the theme of informatics


Page Size: 16x24 cm. 
Font: Times New roman 
Titles: Bold 
Font Size: 12 pt 
Header and footer distance: 1.25 cm 
Page margins: Left margin: 1.5 cm,others 2.5 cm and gutter 0

​ ​


- Prepare your chapter in accordance with the rules 

- Chapter pages should be between 10-30 pages

- Send your chapter in word/doc format to until January 1, 2021

- Make your payment via credit card

- You should write your name, tittle, orcid no and university on your paper

​- Your chapter's  similarity rate should not be more than 20%

- Books with ISBN will be PDF and open access

Please consider only this page


All our books are on web site:

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